Collection: KATIA OBLAK

Katia Oblak is an Argentinian artist based in Byron Bay. During her early twenties she spent time studying in Paris and later living in Barcelona—a period in her life which became a notable inspiration for her artistically. Her artistic approach is deeply intuitive and subconscious, an outworking of inner emotion and memories of time and place. The unruly patterns and textures of her artworks are realised through layering and mark making, building depth and contrast and creating story.

With a raw, free-form aesthetic, she finds herself freely creating emotional abstract paintings, influenced by the gamut of colour found in nature and the footloose rhythms of music she is inspired by. Her process explores deep inner thoughts and feelings using a ‘stream of consciousness’ approach—sometimes smooth-flowing and other times forceful bursts of her mind. A method in pursuit of, not a predetermined point of arrival, but a resolve to let the works unfold naturally and reveal themselves throughout the journey of formation.

After years abroad, Katia now works from her studio in Byron Bay, where she creates using a range of mixed media, with a preference towards acrylics and oil pastels on canvas.


JOURNEY TO SELF featuring works by artist Katia Oblak will open on Friday 8th March at Art Kind in Byron Bay. The exhibition will run until March 28th.

Oblak invites viewers to embark on an exploration of identity and inner landscapes.